Fluidity and Joy

First we want to acknowledge that yes, there is a lot of chaos and pain on the planet right now. Major shifts in power and patterns are happening and there are a lot of individuals who have their life forever altered. Humans are remembering, on a global scale, how interconnected and interdependent we are by these direct experiences.

At this point in time, it will be extremely helpful for more love to be planted on the planet. Love is the core of existence. The more you can tune into the core essence of love and send it to as many places as you feel guided, the more love is able to move into the equation. 

This means that each of you/us needs to have a way that we can feel and connect to this essence that is always here, but not often experienced. This is why we talk of joy today. 

If it is easier, you can think of joy as small sparks or bursts of delight. When you feel them, take a moment to notice them, let them come deep into your cells, then out through your feet into the earth, then anywhere you wish to send it on the planet. Use your imagination, which is a pathway for guidance. It is a key in these experiences. 

It is important for you to remember that shifts are inherently messy. One thing changing into another, by nature, is undefined. This lack of definition creates uncertainty. In human minds, it often creates fear. 

The Human Condition

The human condition is one of great interest. There are automatic and intelligent biological responses that are identical to other mammals. Yet, there is this higher cognitive processing center, a place of great intelligence. On top of that, there is this potential connection to consciousness itself. While animals have this connection, too, they process it in a more instinctual way. They do not contemplate it, deny it or attempt to control it. They simply use it in their everyday lives. 

Which brings us to fluidity. Humans often resist change. We try to control it, either by trying to be in control of conditions, or by fighting against, or through shutting down or resistance and not allowing change to happen at all. 

One indicator of resistance to change is wanting to keep things the same when you feel or see them shifting.

Throughout this month, it is important to notice when we are in a struggle with change. First it takes noticing. Where am I rigid and not allowing movement or flow? Where have I become rigid in my thoughts and beliefs? The next step is suspending certainty during transitions and getting curious about change. Then asking where can creating more joy and connection bring me into a wider state of consciousness?

This next month’s energy offers us a propulsion into our newly imagined worlds, whether big or small. The energy supports large expansions. There is also the possibility of delusions and manipulations through this huge influx of energy. It is important to find the space of dynamic neutral and widen our perspective. 

When we resist change, we are in some form or fear. Fear narrows our perceptions and our creative manifestations. 

When we suspend certainty of what is right or wrong or how something should go, and instead we get curious, we allow room for spirit or consciousness to bring in possibilities more delightful to our hearts than we have imagined.

This requires us to have a trust in something that we cannot see. It can feel quite unsteady. Humans need something to hold them in safety. Change by its very nature challenges safety. 

Finding Joy through Fluidity

As I finished writing that last sentence, I looked out into our beautiful canyon and directly in my line of site was a doe. We rarely get deer here. It was a sweet and gentle site that touched my heart. This is an example of delight. We experience it, then we breathe it into us. There go two more deer. I could have missed them all with my head down writing. But something in me, not loud, not even a nudge, just an impulse to look out happened. This is a direct example of flow and joy. Well played guidance.

This is important for us to note—we have small acts of delight, these small bursts of joy happening all the time. It is incredibly difficult to notice them when we’re in fear or activated in our survival based nervous system. 

We have to suspend our agreement with our societies and cultures that encourage us to constantly be off-balance and in fear, and invite delight in. 

This next month has a powerful set up of energy. There are already incredible amounts of energy that are expected to arrive around April 2 from a large X-class solar flare and at least 2 coronal mass ejections from our sun. These plasma energies, emitted from magnetic fields of the sun, impact our nervous system. They also influence the Schumann Resonance, which influences our physiological systems in turn. 

We are interconnected with the earth, each other, and with the cosmos. Science is now being able to verify it. 

Many animals use and respond to electromagnetic energy to orient their lives. Whales, salamanders and homing pigeons all use magnetic fields to orient them on their journeys. 

Humans have a relationship with these magnetic fields as well. We respond to, and even set and reset these lines and fields through our conscious connections, grounding and intentions. Humans are able to tap into and amplify these electromagnetic fields. 

What Are You Amplifying?

There is a web of love in and around your planet. There also is a web of joy. You can imagine this like subtle energy spider webs weaving all around and through your planet. You can tune into them and even add to and amplify these fields. Energy can float, as if in clouds, and it can also be organized into networks of connection. 

This next month has the potential for a wave of forward moving energy in your/our personal lives. This strong energetic set up will have potentials in our outer collective world for disruptions and big shifts as well. 

Collectively, you may feel them as a burst or field of energy. It is quite helpful when you see or feel any of these outer events bump into your field to let it move through your field. How? Imagine your field like a screen door and let it move through, just like wind. 

Then, after, tighten your screen holes until there is no space in between (imagining it metal is helpful) so the energy bounces off and flows around next time instead of coming in. You can also imagine you and your energy flowing out of the way, swaying fluidly (like Neo in the Matrix) as the energy moves around you. 

Resisting or denying it amplifies it. This is part of the fluidity aspect. Suspend certainly on the outcomes. 

These places of great strife and great love and joy are interwoven. Even small acts of delight have an impact on this field of love and joy. 

Now, how do you know these spaces exist? How can you trust this? Your mission is to find what resounds in your heart of hearts. This is the space that has been called the High Heart. It is beneath and beyond your emotional heart responses. You get there through small bursts of love and joy. Let them weave you into your heart of hearts, your sacred heart, your High Heart. 

From here you will begin to deepen your relationship with trust, confidence and wisdom. All of these qualities require an inner felt sense – a somatic embodied experience. You have them all the time. It is now time to work with them more consciously and intentionally. 

Remember (even if you don’t yet believe it) you were made for these times.