Rewriting Your Contracts

Greetings dear ones, 

We wish to bring you through another experience this month. Last month, we shared with you the planning period of this point of time you are in right now (Lighthouses.) You are a Lighthouse, you reading this right now. 

You may have noticed a shift in the energy in your world as we moved through last month. This shift has opened up into a new space – here we will call it Time/Space. The planet and all of its inhabitants are shifting little by little, with some greater ‘jumps’ in time here and there. You can think of it as waves coming in, one by one, in their own rhythm. Then all of a sudden a bigger wave comes it. This is what has happened. 

With this influx of energy comes great potential.

Have you noticed what you have been moving toward and desiring to create has taken on a new dimension? You may not even know what that new dimension is, it may just feel different. It also may have stopped you in your tracks.

It is here, at this point in time/space, that you have the potential to re-write your desires— your contracts you’ve designed for this lifetime. Even if you have known you are a lighthouse (a lightworker many call it,) something has changed. 

Many of you could use an update of your contracts and codes. You have simply come to a place in time where you are at a whole new level. 

Your contracts are with the experiences you wished bring forth (for you to learn about love) and the relationships that are intertwined with these experiences. In this experience we will bring you through, you are working with your soul and your essence (your spirit) to determine what is ready to shift. 

These contracts may include your parents, ancestors or family, friends and partners, illnesses, addictions, possible exit points, your job or vocation, your state of health and abundance or lack of, and imprinted life challenges. 

This is not a strategic brain experience. It’s a guided experience. Soften, open and trust what comes.


We will keep this short. You may wish to read this through one time first, without needing to activate anything, just familiarizing yourself with the process. 

f you find yourself activating the first time through, let yourself receive and know this is the process. It is helpful to have something to write down what you receive. Pause if you feel overwhelmed and allow yourself to be supported and held by your guides and essence. Give yourself all the time you need with this. There is no hurry. You aren’t going to miss out on anything. 

Guidance will often feel like you are making it up. It may feel like your imagination. You will always feel guidance in your heart space. You may not notice it at first, but there is a positive sensation or pulsation in your heart space when you receive it. 

It depends on how you receive subtle energy information as to how you’ll receive your guidance. Notice what is the dominant way you receive – visual, words or audible, feel or sensory, or a knowing. This will help you develop your guidance. 

Find a comfortable space and seat. You do not need to be alone, but it may be helpful. Take a few deep, full breaths and settle in. 

First, and always first, connect into the center of the center of your heart space (lower sternum.) Ask to be shown or drawn into this center, and affirm your essence (your spirit), the energy that gives you life. 

Next, acknowledge your invisible helpers. They are always present. Every one of you has them. You may not know their names (I don’t know the names of mine) but you may feel, see, sense, hear or know they are there. 

Then acknowledge the presence or consciousness of the Absolute. The Oneness. Ask to be surrounded and supported by Source itself – which you may call God, Brahman, Allah, Great Spirit, Oneness, or whatever feels right. Find the words that open you up to this space. 

Ask for streams of grace to flow to you, further landing you on in this divinely conscious space, and connect to your soul. This is Absolute Light and the essence of Love itself. Let yourself receive this. 

Pause here and feel what this is like for you. 

The White Zone 

Now ask to be shown your White Zone for this lifetime. It’s just a name used by humans. You were shown a portion of this area in Lighthouses. It may feel similar. This is where you created your contracts with other beings that are here in your present life. 

Get comfortable here.

You may wish to stop here and simply get familiar and experience this space. It is an incredibly supportive space. 

If you wish to continue…
Ask your essence and your guides to help you know what relationships would benefit from a rewrite of your original agreements. It can be a healthy relationship. You have grown and completed many of these original agreements. You have much of the experiences, knowledge and wisdom you created in these contracts.

Which ones is it time to renew and rewrite? It may be a letting go, but it may just be a shifting of dynamics, an evolution. 

Take a moment to write down anything that comes to you.

Soul Code Updates

Next, ask your essence and guides to show you if it would be helpful to have some upgraded Soul Codes. These are the codes you brought in with you to achieve what you wished in this life. They are related to your gifts, but not your gifts themselves. These would be the qualities that help you activate your gifts you wish to bring to the world this lifetime. 

You don’t have to know what these are. You may feel theses as geometric shapes, words, images, colors or others. Oftentimes these are perceived as golden in color, but you may notice something else. Trust what you receive. 

Take a moment to write down what you experienced around soul code updates.

Evolving Your Gifts

Lastly, ask your essence and your guides to show you if there are new gifts you’d like to bring to the world. These could be an evolved version of your original gifts, or a new addition. These would be the things you came to the world to plant here. They are the energy stamp you leave on the planet. They may be literal things like writing, music, painting or ideas.

Whatever you see, hear, know, feel around this, simply write it down.

You may receive something that feels vague. Ask your guidance to clarify for you until your body feels satisfied with the what you receive. Guidance can often feel vague, but over time, it will begin to make more sense. Trust what you receive. 

The Grey Zone

Now we’re going to diverge just a little and have you ask guidance to remove any Grey Zone interference. Anything from the Grey Zone that is not supportive of your life as it is right now and moving forward. 

You do not need to know what is removed, although you may get a sense. This will allow you to move forward with more ease. Simply thank your guides. If it is important for you to know what was here, you will be shown. If you don’t receive anything directly, notice if you feel a little lighter or more freedom or ease. 

Now, simply thank your helpers, guides and essence the greater spirit as you see fit.

Bask, Trust & Savor the Feel

Let yourself bask in this space as much as you wish. Ask for streams of grace to integrate and balance your energy systems, subtle to physical, and to continue to do so for as long as needed. These are a type of scalar wave that bring Absolute Light to activated on this planet. 

That is the process. You can revisit it more than once, asking for any more clarity. We do suggest that you trust as much as you’re able. 

This process is usually done before incarnation. Many humans are a place where they are staying in their bodies and re-writing these contracts instead of going Home. 

The energy of the planet has leveled up. You are all evolving. You always are, this is simply a big wave and a big opportunity. 

You are loved, supported and valued. No matter how visible or invisible your gifts, they matter. There is no one on the planet taking up space, although you may feel like some are. 

Be easy with it all. Remember, you were made for these times.