The Radiant Background

Here is a little known secret, 
You are all cosmic dancers, 
Remembering your origins, 
Dancing your way back into the light.

July has some intense energy potentials. There are waves of cosmic energy flooding your planet. Some will use these energies to continue to awaken, expand and integrate into more connection and harmony, and some will resist these energies, digging into old ways that are no longer working.

We may feel wobbly, like we are literally riding on these waves, as we learn to dance in these types of energies. Taking care of your/our biology is key. Resistance is futile – resisting thoughts, habits, emotions will create more tension and rub. Finding ways to nourish our systems, both through rest and action is necessary. 

Surrender is also necessary. Not a giving up, but a surrendering to something deeper, wider and abiding, essentially an aspect of you that you are learning to trust. 

Behind this potent mixture of energy is the soup, the field from which it all arises. Our world is held within a much larger and wider energy. Remember this.

There is nothing that is beyond or disconnected from Source, only that which has contracted to the degree it feels disconnected. 

This cosmic dance, while at the moment may feel intense, chaotic and perhaps futile, emanates from the radiant background that does not operate in separation the way your field does. The space from which your world emerges is one of remembrance, connection and what we often call unconditional love. 

An embodied experience of this unconditional love is actually beyond words. 

While there are deep hurts and incredibly painful transgressions that are felt in your world, there is a place where those wounds do not touch. They simply cannot enter into this radiance and exist as the pain and fear you feel here. 

You are assisting your world in its transition back to love and wholeness—one of connection, support and harmony. You are dancing your world into the light.

This cosmic dancing requires stamina, patience, skill, practice, help and support from others. 

This is a collective dance, as well as an individual one. 

The Grand Experiment

Many of you have heard the story of the Planet of Free Choice. Could you create a field in which you contract yourself from your source so deeply you actually forget your true nature? And in that forgetting, could you help one another remember? It was that simple a premise. 

From where you are right now, it might seem like a terrible idea. 

Free choice seems anything but possible. There are so many tracks and patterns of energy ingrained that it is quite difficult to choose anything from your true nature. 

But it is possible. You first have to find your way to a glimmer of your radiant background. 

We spoke of your Heart of Hearts last month. You are remembering. You are remembering through your body. Your body is responding and changing as well. 

Remembering this energy in your body, which is an awakening to a new way of being, will allow you to stay in form. Staying in form will allow this radiance to be present even more, and literally ground the potential for another way on your planet. 

This is both an ending and a beginning. 

Love of Your Uniqueness

The way your world has evolved, it is incredibly difficult to like, let alone love the unique expression of life that you are. 

Everywhere you turn, you are encouraged into these existing patterns and grooves of how the world should be and how humans should be in this world. 

But what if you began to trust the spark at the deep center core of your being? 

What would that feel like? 

What if you found aspects of yourself that you liked and admired?

What would that feel like?

What if you found experiences that allowed you to light up and feel more alive? 

What would that feel like?

What if it was actually possible that you are not beyond love? And neither is your planet. 

You are bringing the essence and vibration of Home, this Radiant Background, into the planet. And by doing so, you are literally moving your planet into a different realm. 

Loving your body, loving the way your brain-mind works, loving the way you experience the richness of emotions, loving the way you interact with other humans, this is a sacred practice. And we tell you, it is most definitely a practice in your world. 

It is a dance that shifts worlds. 


You know you are in a great shift. Many of you have known something was afoot all of your lives…that you were here for something. While that is always the case, you reading this are actually here to assist with this shift. You have chosen to be here in these tumultuous times. 

How is it going to work out? That is always the question. 

Your answer to this question will be exciting to witness. 

The old way is dying and has been for quite some time. The new way will be ushered in not by cosmic beings from another planet, galaxy or universe—it will be you, cosmic dancer, and many others like you—divine humans—dancing your way back into the light. 

Oh, we know, it feels like that is a far cry away, but we tell you it is closer, much much closer than you think. In fact it is right here with you, just as we are. 

Your solutions are right here on your planet, both in the humans that inhabit it and the resources within. You feel like you came with all the wrong tools…you did not. 

Remember, you are living this radiance right into your cells. It is an inside job. You can use maps, but maps, as you have been told many times, are not the territory, They are simply guides. 

As your old world crumbles and burns (yes, it is quite dramatic) the new one is already here, visible through the cracks. It is not quite physical, not in the way you desire, but it is here. 

It is here in ideas, dreams and first steps. Momentum will come fast. 

Just as some of your seeds from your largest beings can only emerge after fire, so is the way with this shift.

Fire is alchemy. Rage is alchemy. Intensity is alchemy. They cook things, changing them from one group of elements into another. It is a matter of tending the fire so it is just right. Too much, too fast doesn’t work. Neither does heat that is too low. Remember this, both in your body and in your world. 

The Radiant Background

The light behind this heat is not hot. In fact, it can feel quite cool. Be on the lookout for that. Notice when it is present. It is a radiance that is not that familiar in your world. You feel it from different senses than you are used to. 

The more you lean into it and get curious, the more this radiant space will be perceived. 

The thing is, you were never alone here. Your entire world exists within this radiant background. As your world remembers and embodies this radiance of Source, it changes the composition and nature of your field, it changes your game board. 

It is all in motion and there is no other way than through. But we tell you, even though it is hard to believe, you will one day cherish this time as a grand adventure. 

No, not in your pain and suffering. It is silly to say you will cherish that. And, as you expand your awareness, move out of these patterns that have held humanity for a very long time, and realize your true nature and even your power, that you will remember as a day cherished. 

Can you feel it? 

Can you take a moment to step out of time and feel the potential both for your life and your planet?

Can you feel the space of connection to something wider and deeper? 

Can you feel the support around you in this moment?

It is all here. You will doubt. You will feel like an imposter. You will feel not good enough. You will feel damaged and wrong. And remember, all of this is held within a radiant background of what you call love. This space is beyond your wounds and doubts. It is seeping through and integrating. 

Can you feel it? 

Let yourself dance when you’re able, beautiful one.

Remember, you were made for these times.